Unscrupulous Overdraft and other bank fees in contravention to accountholder agreement and other applicable law.

EFTA (Electronic Funds Transfer Act)

If you have a reason to believe that your bank:

  • Charged your account with excessive overdraft fees;
  • Manipulated your ATM and debit/credit transactions to maximize the overdraft fees;
  • Refused to refund your account fully for charges you did not authorize;
  • Otherwise failed to honor their contractual or statutory obligations to you;

Please call for a free consultation. You may have a viable legal cause of action your bank, in which case they will have to pay for the full amount of your attorney’s fees, separate and apart from any amount they may be obligated to pay you in satisfaction of your claim.

(Including misconduct by Power of Attorney)

Guardian of the Estate

If you have a reason to believe that:

  • Your Power Of Attorney misused of his/her designation to convert or commingle your funds and assets to his/her own personal use or benefit;
  • Your family member has been declared incapacitated and appointed a guardian, who charges excessive fees to the estate of the incapacitated person;
  • Your home repair contractor charged excessive fees to do the repairs or never did the exact work promised under contract;
  • Your bank mishandled the processing of your power of attorney authorization;
  • Your bank allowed your account to be accessed in fraudulent fashion by an unauthorized person;

…and your pleas for a full refund or correction of the problem have been ignored, please call for a free consultation. You may have a viable case, in which case they wrongdoer may have to pay for your attorney’s fees separate and apart from an amount you would recover.